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Building literary community since 1989.

Based in Saskatchewan, Sage Hill Writing is one of Canada’s main learning opportunities for professional and emerging creative writers.

Writers from across the country come to Sage Hill’s writing retreats to create, edit, and develop new literary work. Throughout the year, we host writing retreats, courses and events featuring distinguished faculty and immersive creative environments. 

Sage Hill Writing grew out of the tradition of the Saskatchewan School of the Arts in Fort San (1966–1989). Following the school’s closure, a group of writers worked together to continue holding programs to maintain the benefits of process-oriented learning, and Sage Hill was formed. Read more about our history here.

Our alumni form life-long community bonds and often return to Sage Hill when working on new projects. Our students have published widely in North America in both journal and book form — the value of our programs is exemplified by the many published works that offer acknowledgments to Sage Hill. Check out our list of alumni publications here.

Our vision is a world where inspired writers have the tools to create writing that matters. Writing is often a solitary action. Sage Hill provides a forum for writers to engage with the literary community and to enhance their skills.

Our mission is to provide professional development for creative writers at all stages of their careers. At Sage Hill, experienced instructors work one-on-one with participants on their writing projects, facilitate group sessions, and support writers in their creation processes.

Part of our mission is to foster the next generation of writers in Saskatchewan. We work towards this through our free-of-charge summer youth workshops, which we offer thanks to donors and partner organizations and libraries across the province.

If you are interested in supporting our mission, visit our Support Sage Hill page.