Writing Retreats

“Being surrounded by a community of writers from across Canada and finding encouragement, inspiration, and support for my own work has been an incredible experience. I leave Sage Hill a stronger writer, with a community supporting me, and a project on the go that I can’t wait to keep working on.”

Danielle Upshall, 2023 Emerging Writers’ Course

“Sage Hill is a treasure for Canada, understated, exploratory, humble, with a sense of humour and respect for different geographies.”

Student, 2023 Poetry Course

“I am coming out of my ten-day Nonfiction course feeling inspired, nourished, and supported. Thank you, Sage Hill, for providing a space in which deep thinking and writing can happen.”

Kelly Norah Drukker, 2023 Nonfiction Course

“I expected to improve my technique and to learn from our instructor and my peers. Those expectations were fulfilled, but I gained so much more over such a short amount of time. I’m deeply grateful that Michael Trussler’s instruction allowed us to develop our own sense of poetics, and I look forward to continued exchanges with my workshop peers.”

Student, 2023 Poetry Course

“I am a more confident artist and a better playwright after Sage Hill. The workshops and one-on-ones were profoundly impactful and I cherish the knowledge I gained. This peaceful prairie haven has healed me, enabled me to build community connections, and affirmed that the stories I want to tell matter.”

AJ Hrooshkin, 2023 Playwriting Course

“Sage Hill is a wonderful experience to learn more about the craft of writing, to challenge and push your writing. I have loved getting to know other writers and building a community!”

Yolanda Hansen, 2023 Emerging Writers’ Course

“This type of experience is absolutely essential for a writer: the time to immerse oneself in the work, the camaraderie and friendships, and the deep learning and discussion that can happen in small group environments with experienced mentors. Sage Hill is the best.”

Student, 2023 Nonfiction Course

“The environment at Sage Hill is immensely conducive to creative work. The absence of the pressures of the outside world, the peace and tranquillity of the Abbey, and the support of all the staff and facilitators made this week valuable and enjoyable.”

Yvette Menard, 2023 Playwriting Course

Youth Programs

“Madonna Hamel’s casual yet informative instruction is a blessing and there’s never a stupid question, piece, answer, or insight you can hand her. Extremely supportive.”

Student, 2023 Online Young Writers’ Workshop

“Marie was very nice and very willing to help me with my personal writing, even taking it home to read and to give feedback on it, and I really appreciated that. She was very encouraging and understanding when someone didn’t want to share.”

Student, 2023 Regina Teen Writers’ Workshop

“Kristine treated each of us with respect and care. I feel like she genuinely cares for each of us and our writing. She has so much passion for the craft, it is infectious. She’s open and welcoming and I wouldn’t have wanted any other instructor.”

Addison, 2023 Online Teen Writers’ Workshop